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Bath Immune To Highstreet Decline
Why then did the following citycentre businesses shut their doors in Bathtub in 2011?
Several national and local retailers will likely follow suit and shut their doors to Bath in 2013. Closure of the above were for different reasons and I do not know all the ins and outs of each instance, Yet if these businesses had been booming would they not all still be trading? If Bath is suffering picture the despair of independent retailers in city`s and other towns where they do not get the 4Million guests each year and/ or where the discretionary income of its buying catchment is below average. What can be done? Below are some of my thoughts.
Independent merchants need to pool resources and work jointly to identify their clients and sell them their businesses.
2) Retailers must review all supplier prices before every purchase to ensure they stay competitive.
3) Landlords must share the pain with their tenants and take a few of the strike on their house revenue and valuations. This demands open and transparent dialogue between occupiers and landlords.
4) The common public must support local companies wherever they can and independents daytime is a start!
1) Government has to level the playing field for independent retailers.
6) Retailers and their staff must be at the very highest part of their game each day with every client.
7) Retailers have to review their business-plans at least once a quarter to see if their business remains viable if it does not and be brutal.
8) Retailers must undertake an appraisal of their property occupancy costs at least once per quarter.
9) Retail Merchants need to seek out and quickly execute advanced processes of trading. At least 6 efficacy, cost-saving, profit creating thoughts must be executed each year.
The key Jamie McNeil is a Chartered Surveyor with fifteen years experience dealing with service charge disputes and contains wide-ranging experience in service charges` environment up and operating and counseling the Britain`s biggest & most successful Taunton Business home landlords. Knowledge and the expertise obtained from performing for funds that are institutional, national and regional property companies for all property types, in running and the development of service fees, provides invaluable insight into present landlord practices to him.
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